When I started to write this blog, I used to abbreviate the names of my co-workers with random initials. However, this is awkward when reading and writing, so I decided to use pseudonyms. To better keep track of the names I have invented, here is the complete cast of people mentioned in this weblog.


I’ve been too slack about using consistent cast names, so let’s get into it again:

  • Winfried: Security Officer
  • Mike: A guy on my team
  • Sylvie: Female system administrator at work



  • Linh: My hopefully soon-to-be-girlfriend.
  • Gwen: Just another babe…
  • Bastian: Co-worker. Windows admin.
  • Donald: Co-worker. System administrator.


  • Amaka: My girlfriend for much of 2011+2012.
  • Matylda: Co-worker; young woman from Poland.
  • Jenny: Former co-worker at another company. Also a young woman from Poland.
  • Maya: Acquaintance. Indian.
  • Richard (aka Dick): My boss until early 2013.
  • Steve: My current boss, replacement for Dick.
  • Harry: Co-worker.
  • Bob: Co-worker on my team
  • Murray: 2nd co-worker on my team
  • Astrid: Norwegian female friend

2011 and earlier

A lot of these people never show up anymore because I am no longer working with them, live in the same area, or keep contact in any other way. For historic reference, you can find the nicknames below.


  • Nadine: A friend of Zola. Not as fat as her. Tried to get me to bed once or twice. Good friend, but a little…. much at times.
  • Zola: A fat, turkish chick who tried to pick me up at times. However, I have no interest in her.
  • Wilma: A former girlfriend. Chinese-Malaysian.
  • Dara: Old female friend of mine and former love interest. Hates men now and doesn’t want to be contacted. Ever.
  • Min: A Korean friend. Purely platonic.
  • Giselle: A friend from the Caribbean who once proposed to marry me.
  • Nina: African chick that I had a HUGE crush on some years ago.
  • Mariah: Ex-girlfriend, from an African fringe country. Lived in France and Brussels. Twice our pathes crossed – wouldn’t be surprised if that wasn’t all.
  • Chanya: Chat-friend from Kenya. Would love to move to Germany, I guess.
  • Bahati: African friend of mine. Known her for about five years now. She’s trying to get me to agree to a relationship ever since. She is smart, cute, sexy, funny and really, really nice. Unfortunately, also way too far away.
  • Sako: Japanese woman who is in my Tuesday language class.
  • Anya: Russian friend of mine.
  • Kya: Best friend of my ex-girlfriend Mariah.
  • Shakina: A girl from Ghana (but with German citizenship) whom I dated for a few weeks once before she disappeared without a trace for a couple of months.
  • Carina: Female World-of-Warcraft geek from Norway.
  • Sarah: Very pretty girl who lives on the Bahamas. Originally from Tobago.
  • Yunru: Chinese girl who studies in Japan.
  • Azizah: Malaysian Internet friend from several years ago.
  • Samantha: A former girlfriend.
  • Jessica: A friend from Kenya.
  • Katherine: Girlfriend.
  • Aya: Worked for a South Korean supplier.


  • Rover: Buddy of mine from Portugal, now Ireland.
  • Lund: Long-time friend from my old hometown, IT freelancer and politically engaged leftist.
  • Marcus: Friend of mine from back home, a fellow geek and an entrepeneur.
  • Alfred:Friend of mine from the Netherlands.
  • Mike:One of my best friends from my hometown.


  • Alfred: Freelance contractor, windows-focussed
  • Hans: Aka “co-worker H.” – Paperwork-coordinator, supposedly a technician, but has no clue what he’s doing when it comes to tech but good at negotiations. Big words, big life, big paycheck.
  • Jane: Female co-worker. Project leader. Loud and very able to get others to do what she wants. If needed by shouting at them.
  • Marianne: Totally incompetent woman in another team. Knocked up about once every two years.
  • Paul: Aka “co-worker P.” – engineer like me. Very good at what he does, but can be an ass at times. Still my favorite co-worker though.
  • Poldi: Team leader of our Hungarian operations team.
  • Ingo: Employee working in our Hungarian operations team
  • Gaby: Strong-willed project leader, originally from eastern Europe
  • Sven: External co-worker who sits next to me in the office.
  • Petra: Transgender technician. Used to be a guy, now is a girl. And it does show.
  • Matthew: Young tech guy. Nice person, a little confused and likes to play the clown. Maybe a bit inexperienced. Likes to play Tetris on his PDA in team meetings.
  • George: Contractor.
  • Roger: Our new intern (autumn 2006).
  • Alexandra: Our secretary. Easily one of the hottest chicks in the company. Charismatic. Friendly. Nice. And, unfortunately, not only out of my league but also married.
  • Tom: New co-worker that we took over from a different department. See Mark.
  • Mark: New co-worker that we took over from a different department. See Tom.
  • John: Co-worker who killed himself in 2007.
  • Andrew: Contractor. Always grinning in a really strange way. Also very obviously gay, not that this has anything to do with anything.
  • Harry: Another contractor. A favorite of Gaby.
  • Mr. Witts: Arch-enemy of our team; works in an application team in another city.