In the supemarket. I am buying tea, pasta, a vanilla pudding, chocolate (because my life sucks), and sandwich bread.

Little kid behind me: “Ooooh Sandwiches!”

Me: “Yeah, I am making pudding bread.”

Kid: “What’s pudding bread?”

Me: “Two slices of bread, spread the vanilla pudding on them, and put the bar of chocolate in the middle.”

Kid gets wide eyes: “NOT REALLY!”

Me: “Oh yes! Absolutely!”

Kid (to mother): “MOM! Can I have pudding bread too?”

….I feel a little evil.


Work is so tedious, so utterly boring I want to throw myself out of the window.

Yeah, people are really okay there. But I have literally nothing to do. My boss is a complete incompetent who basically hired me without understanding what it is that I am doing, nor knowing what he actually needs. Even what he thought he was hiring – he doesn’t actually need.

I now have a noisy upstairs neighbour. And by noisy I mean that they leave nothing out – slamming doors, jumping, moving chairs without lifting them, running around, running up and down stairs, and – to top it all off – they have a dog that likes to bark a lot. The only bright side is that they actually better themselves. The dog is now much quieter, and they don’t run around nearly as much anymore. All it took was some diplomatic feedback from my side. (“The next time you are loud past midnight I will come up and yell at you. Wouldn’t it be much better if you stop the noise and we get along?”)

Speaking of neighbours – do you recall my next door neighbour lady? No? Well, Two years ago, she invited me to spend some vacation time with her. What I didn’t know at the time was that she is actually married to another neighbour – which makes that event even weirder.

Interestingly, they actually keep renting two apartments. And a few weeks ago, the neighbour lady mentioned to me she is “sleeping in this [next door to me] apartment for a change” and she’s asked me several time to “come over for a coffee and chat”.

Not being as dense as I might have once been, I still wonder what the hell is going on there. After coming up with excuses at first I finally agreed to visit her one Saturday. Had a couple questions lined up that would help me understand their situation without being too nosy. And, well, the day we agreed to meet she wasn’t home.

She hasn’t bothered to ring at my door yet to apologize for – essentially – standing me up, but I suspect this is not the last I have heard of her.

So, I have been at my new job for a while – and it’s thoroughly disappointing.

The good first: Everybody is super nice.

However, there is plenty of bad stuff.

For example, my new boss hired me in a gross misunderstanding of what “project management” is. He has no clue and doesn’t understand the actual needs of his organization.

The company is essentialky retarded, in that it stopped improving their processes and methods in the late 1990s.

They have no interesting customers and no unique or interesting products.

And worst of all, I am bored to tears four days out of five.

I will wait until 2016 rolls in, but I am almost certain I will not stay on.

I start work again on Monday. It feels weird, in a way – I kinda got used to having a lot of freedom and spare time.

New job is actually quite good, though. I can’t really comment on the details, for obvious reasons, but I have high hopes for this. However, here’s a solemn promise to myself: If they don’t keep any of the agreements, if there are signs of a lack of training and personal development, or if any of the bosses turn out to be bullies or power hungry psychopaths I will leave immediately. I will not, ever again, put up with that sort of crap.

I really want to avoid having a heart attack before I am 50. Or ever.

…when you are “forced” to punch a new hole into your belt because the old one causes your pants to slip. You know, that old hole you had punched into the same belt a year prior in a bout of optimism and that had always been so tight it wasn’t usable.



Geeky Girl: “Hey Secretgeek, I was thinking we could meet up.”

Secretgeek: “Sure! Have anything specific in mind?”

Geeky Girl: “There’s this computer event I am going to with a guy friend, but it isn’t a date so we could meet there too.”

Secretgeek: “Errr…. Sure? When and where?”

Geeky Girl: “Monday, I’ll be there all afternoon.”


I sense a lot of enthusiasm in this one… I don’t think I can be arsed to show up for that, though I am not sure how to tell her nicely.

Came across this okCupid profile. Gotta be a joke… Right? RIGHT?


Boy I hope this is a joke.

Instead of turning tail and running, the girl and I talked things over. No interest at all from her side, she says. But she wants to stay friends. Haven’t heard that before…

Oh well. At least it’s settled.

Talked to a friend, and, since’s a geek like I am, advised him against purchasing a video game I thought was bad.

“But the videos of the game looked awesome,” he said. “Very promising. Did you see them?”

“Yes, but I tried the game and it sucks. Got a refund this morning.”

“But trying it doesn’t mean you know how it plays and what features it has.”


Days like this, I wonder why I still have any sort of hope for mankind.


I still have sources: I just got a call that the guy who did fire me was himself fired this morning – with immediate effect. That makes two out of two. Incidentally, this was the same guy who had been sexually harassing female staff.

I’d love to know if my reporting him did, in the end, have an effect; but of course I will likely never find out. I’ll just assume that, in some small way, I have been a force for good, and I’ll let myself feel warm and fuzzy for a few hours. You know – enjoy it while it lasts.


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