I’ve been bad about following up on my posts. Or even just posting. So here are some updates.

My visitor came and went. Of course, it was all a big dud. Who would’a thunk?

Sarah started emailing again. For a while, anyway. She would visit [my city], she wrote. My stance was, “cool, let me know and I’ll show you around”. She was very eager, but seems to have gotten cold feet. The trip to [my city] wouldn’t, she explained “bring me your way”. Since it is impossible that she meant this in a geographical sense, I assume she meant “no fucking way will our paths cross, you nerd”. Not exactly sure why she contacted me in the first place, but if there is anything we’ve learned in the eleven years this blog has existed, it is that women are a mystery.

Twists and turns twist in unexpected turns. While I was re-hired, I was placed under a boss who simply does not like me. I mean as in he had a negative, hostile attitude from day one. I eventually found out why at my performance evaluation: The man’s body language leaves no doubt that he feels threatened by me. You can imagine what chances I have for personal growth, raises, or any other improvements to my career. So I’m looking again. I have frankly lost track of how many jobs I’ve had in the past ten years. Six, I think.

Updates within Updates. My noisy upstairs neighbors were finally kicked out, to be replaced by a new, even noisier upstairs neighbor. Who moved out after a while. Now I have peace and quiet again. My neighbor lady asked to “have a coffee” once more and suggested that week’s Saturday. Not believing anything would come of it, I said “sure” and promptly forgot about it. The following week I met her in the hallway and she complained I had not been home at the appointed time. Karma, I guess, though I assume she sees things differently.

I’ve continued losing weight, but at a very marginal rate. I’ve improved my diet somewhat, though. Most importantly, I hardly drink anything but water these days. My next biggest challenge: Stop eating chocolate at work. My hope rests on I finding a humane job.