“Likes” from women who are located…

…in the city I live in: 21%

…elsewhere in the same country: 12%

…on the same continent: 16%

…elsewhere in the world: 51%


Most frequent country: The Philippines


Average length of received unsolicited messages: 1.25 words

Most frequent word: “Hi”


Response rate: ~5%

This is on a popular, free, international dating site that is relatively popular locally; for comparison I used to use a paid local site before they went into rip-off mode; my response rate there was closer to 50%.


Dates arranged in the past ~24 months: 3, plus 1 pending

Girlfriends found: 0

Friends found: 0

Gotten laid: Nope

Stalkers obtained: 1

Stalkers gotten rid of: 1

Total expense: Estimated 100 Euro for drinks and food.