I haven’t talked much about my family, but I just have to tell you guys about this. I just had a phone call:

Secret sister: “Hey Secretgeek!”

Secretgeek: “Yes sis?”

Secret sister: “Secret nephew told me today he wants to be ‘just like Uncle Secretgeek’ when he grows up.”

Secretgeek: “Oh?”

Secret sister: “Yeah. And he said he doesn’t just mean he wants to be as tall as you, but ‘exactly like cool uncle Secretgeek’.”

Isn’t that awesome? If you ignore, for a moment, that it’s a bit sad that he has recognized that his deadbeat father is not a suitable role model. (I could write a lot about that guy, and maybe some day I will.)

I’m frankly a bit surprised, and incredibly proud.

At the same time, I guess this means I now carry a big responsibility. If he really thinks I am a good example, it means I gotta live up to that expectation. Can’t disappoint my nephew, now can I?