I think morale at my workplace has hit a new low. I’ve been listening to people who come to me to bitch about the management – I think they kinda trust me because they know I am our bosses’ top enemy – and it seems that not one soul trusts any of our managers. They’ve been described as “liars”, “selfish”, “despotic”, “untrustworthy”, “stuck in a 1930s mindset”, and worse.

I can’t really deny any of that. As far as I can tell, the local management is basically working into their own pockets as best they can – supporting each other for raises, while not even forwarding requests from other employees. Covering for each other when they take days off (“sick days”, “work from home days” if anybody asks). One guy overdid it so much that he was fired for taking excessive amounts of sick leave (about 60% of work days, I kid you not) after he was observed at a party while “ill”.

The local managers who can approve orders themselves have bought themselves nice mobile phones, iPads, induction charging stations, usb memory sticks with LED usage indicators, and other gadgets.

I’ve raised the issues several times before and told them, obviously without naming names, what staff thinks of them and how I think they should do better – presumably at least part of the reason why I am enemy #1 – but you should not think that the behavior changed.

It’s not really my problem, but I’ve successfully defied them in the past – illegal orders, violations of company process, and attempts at bullying me into resigning – and so I’ll try to raise the issue with our CEO. I don’t really think there will be any sort of change, but I think it might be amusing.

Besides, it’s good conflict training. Maybe when I am done with this mess I can actually think about getting into management myself. In the past, that idea scared me, and I turned down the opportunity twice – but perhaps it’s time to actually try and do it better.

Just, really – not in this company.