Alright, so I now have it in writing. I am not a genius – my “age-dependent” IQ is merely 122.

This isn’t supposed to be a humblebrag. I get that it’s decent. I’ve always known that I would not score under 100, but that I also wouldn’t be Mensa material. I never really bothered to find out; and it’s kinda sorta neat to know where one stands, and what one’s limits are. I scored highest on logic and lowest on the math type questions.

And while I am on the subject, I am also an INTJ. I am aware of the Forer Effect and the grain of salt that it offers, of course, but the description of an INTJ is a reasonably good match if you wanted to boil me down to one of sixteen possible personality types. So perhaps that is the real tragedy of my life – I am not smart enough for the sort of job that an INTJ personality would be good at, including the ones that involve secret volcano lairs on tropical islands.

Oh well.