I don’t know why I am bothering with online dating. Anyway, I talked to a lady, and asked her if she’d like to meet for a date. She accepted and I asked her “how long do you work, and what general area in the city are you located in” in order to pick a decent location and suggest a time that might be convenient.

No reply for two weeks.

I could have just ignored it after that, but I sent her a quick mail: “Hey, I guess you reconsidered and that’s fine, it would have been nice if you had said something though. Anyway, since I prefer clear communication, let’s leave this be.”

It’s a rough translation, the original was a little bit more friendly.

Anyway, an hour later I get a reply, “Secretgeek, I accept your decision, but you must know I work very irregular hours and I am rarely online.”

Right. First of all, I don’t really care if you “accept” or “respect” my decisions, they’re not yours to question or debate. And why do you feel like you have to justify yourself? I don’t get it. You didn’t bother to follow up in two weeks, why make up a flimsy excuse now?