Neighbour lady: “Oh secretgeek, nice to run into you! How are you?”

Secretgeek: “Oh, good evening! Doing so-so. Could use a vacation.”

Neighbour lady: “I am great. – Oh this is my girlfriend by the way.”

Secretgeek: “Nice to meet you.”

Neighbour lady: “So is it so bad? Didn’t you just have some time off?”

SG: “Yeah and already feel like I could use more time off, tells you something I guess. So, how are you doing?”

NL: “Just great, work’s alright and I have a few days off soon. Will take a short trip.”

SG: “Nice, I am envious.”

NL: “Oh, just join me. Or take some days off on your own, I am sure you have enough days since the year just started?”

SG: “Not as easy as that, I am afraid, we’re a bit understaffed.”


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