Something a bit more geeky for a change:

Coworkers Bastian and Donald were trying to get a server to work. They configured its network interface based on information they gleaned off of another server from the same customer, and yet it doesn’t work.

Bastian: “It has to work, server A has a .17, and I used .163 for server B. It’s in the same network, it should just work!”

Donald: “Netmask and gateway are OK?”

Bastian: “Yes, it’s a /29.”

They worked on this for a little while. I finally couldn’t take it anymore.

Secretgeek: “You do realize that those are not in the same subnet?”

Donald: “Please stay out of this, Secretgeek. You aren’t a networking guy, this is too complicated for you.”

Secretgeek: “Seriously, it’s -”

Donald: “- the third octet is 212, it’s the same network!”

Secretgeek: “Right…”

Bastian: “We should check the cables.”

Donald: “Yeah, Let’s. That’s gotta be it.”

They left the office, leaving yours truly behind to shake his head in sadness at the stupidity of the world.