Things with Linh are great so far. I am, burned child that I am, still worried that she will just decide that I am not worthy, but objectively there is no indication for that – and I guess at a certain level it’s simply a risk one needs to live with. She’s started calling me “honey”, and keeps telling me that she “misses” me when we are not together. We probably kissed more on four dates than Amaka and I did during our last three months together.


As we were talking yesterday, I came to the conclusion that I knew enough about her that I didn’t have any major questions for her:

Linh: “So have you anything else you wish to ask me?”

Secretgeek (after a short pause): “Not right now. I think everything else is just stuff to discover over time. Unless there are any big things I should know about. Like, if you had a child that you had not mentioned so far, I think I’d like to know that. Not that it would change anything.”

Linh (big grin): “You are right, I have several children.”

Secretgeek: “…no, I don’t think you are a person who would deny the existence of her own children.”

Linh (tries not to laugh): “You are right, they are really still babies, all of them.”

Secretgeek: “…again, I think you are just messing with me. Is this some sort of test?”

Linh: “Yeah, you are right, I have no kids. But I wanted to see what you would say.”


Linh: “There is ONE thing you need to know about me… but I won’t tell you yet.”

Secretgeek: “Oh? Why not?”

Linh: “A girl’s got to have some secrets, right?”

Secretgeek: “Sure, that’s fair enough. – I hope it’s nothing bad?”

Linh: “No, it’s nothing bad. It will make you want me a lot more than you already do,  though.”

I did not press the issue – she will tell me when she wants to tell me – and I realize it will surely be something fairly mundane but I gotta say, I am really curious. Which, I am equally sure, is what she intended.