The girl-who-has-no-alias and I are meeting for our third date tonight. Everything seems to be good, but I can’t help but feel a little nervous, as the accursed third date was what killed my last attempt at dating. When I say “a little nervous”, I mean only that, though – I have absolutely no reason to think that things might break down, and if they do, there’s no real reason it should happen today.

And yet, if you get burned… it stays with you.

It’s good to have hope and  to have someone you like, though. I knew this was something I needed and wanted, and I think I am right that I need to find “the right girl”. If this one isn’t then perhaps the next. Or the one after that. Mustn’t be alone, unless I learn to enjoy being depressed. There are too many things going wrong in life already, don’t really need to face it all alone. Right?