I just woke up an hour ago and thought I’d update you on Friday’s date.

The Girl (she is not getting an Alias just yet) and I had agreed to see a movie together, and met in a local bar/cafe near the cinema (her choice). Had a drink before heading for the movie (the film was crappy but whatever). After the movie, she suggested we sit down and talk some more, which we did until about midnight. She remarked that she wasn’t usually out this late; and as I am wont to do, I offered to accompany her on her way home – she had mentioned before the movie that she sometimes felt unsafe in this city.

She did protest a bit, but not too much, so I decided to insist and she was in the end okay with it. Getting to her station took another thirty minutes or so. Walked her to her block. It started to rain a bit, but I had an umbrella for her to get under…

“It’s very late,” she said apologetically. “So I can’t ask you inside.”

“I didn’t do this as an attempt to get invited to your place,” I replied. “Don’t stress about it.”

We talked some more, standing there. She remarked how cold it was, rubbing her hands and I offered mine to warm them. Seems to have worked because after a bit she suggested we walk a little more.

Eventually, she brought me back to the station. A train just departed when we got there, and I “accidentally” missed the next one. More holding-of-hands, and when the train I took finally arrived, I got a long hug and a kiss on my lips.

“Will you text me when you get home?”

I finally arrived at home at about 3:00am. Texted her as promised, and got a “Good, thanks for letting me know, sweet dreams Secretgeek!” reply.

This morning, I woke up to find she had sent me an email so that I would have her email address in addition to her phone number.

“I had a wonderful time,” she wrote. “You are far more interesting than I had imagined.”

Well, so far so good.


  • No agreement yet on a second date (I tried).
  • She is only in my city for another three months, after which she returns to the other side of the Country, where she studies.
  • Is she really interested or is there something else afoot?


What shall I think? I do like this girl – she is interesting, funny, and pretty. I thought it went well, but I have thought that before. On the other hand, the way the date went reminded me a bit of how I met Amaka. Mental note: Perhaps being assertive without being pushy works.

I certainly will try not to get too excited this time… and I guess I have to wait and see.