Our receptionist likes the way I talk, how I communicate and can improvise sentences that put my rhetoric opponent on the spot. Or so she claims. And sometimes we talk about stuff, as I’ve mentioned before.

Receptionist: “So, how is your dating going?”

Secretgeek: “New girl. We’ll see.”

Receptionist: “Hmm. Well. I can imagine women do not have it easy with you.”

Secretgeek: “Sorry, what?”

Receptionist: “Well you know. You are special.”

Secretgeek: “Special? You mean I have some sort of mental issue?”

Receptionist: “Well you aren’t easy to handle.”

Secretgeek: “What now? I am easy to understand, do not treat any woman badly, I don’t play games, I don’t take things too serious either, and if a woman tells me to go away, I leave her alone. How can I be difficult to handle?”

Receptionist: “I mean that not every woman are able to hold a candle to you.”

Secretgeek: “…I guess I can be a bit picky at times, but I swear, I don’t judge books by covers too much.”

Receptionist: “Not that. You won’t be happy with a stupid girl. You need someone as bright as you are.”

Secretgeek: “Is this some form of sarcasm I do not get?”

Receptionist: “No, I mean it.”

I then admitted that I did like smart girls, and that it was a problem, because any smart girl would be able to immediately see she could do better than date me. We then talked about types of woman; I do usually go for the slightly more swarthy type – southern European etc. The receptionist knows that.

Receptionist: “So the blonde marketing girl won’t be your type, I take it.”

Did I mention that the Receptionist is herself black-haired?

Secretgeek: “No. But I don’t dislike blondes, for example the blonde sales girl is quite cute, and very nice too.”

Receptionist: “Oh yes, her! She is very nice indeed. Some people do not get along with her, but I find her very charismatic. Don’t you?”

Secretgeek: “Err, yes.”

Luckily we were joined by a third co-worker at this point. What’s with the Receptionist trying to talk up her co-workers to me?