Right. Here’s the Pie Chart:


I actually find this quite interesting. In percentages:

No reply: 58%

Email: 21%

Scammer: 5%

Not Interesting: 16%

This means I have a reply rate of 42%. A buddy of mine, who worked on a Personals site back in the founder years, says that 10-15% is about the norm for males. So I am doing something right – and if it’s simply picking women who are “in my league”.

21% of contacts die in the early email stages. I don’t try to set up a “penpals” thing, but I do like to do some basic checks via email first. It seems to me that I need to reduce that, get to the physical meeting quicker.

5% Scammers. Okay, not too bad.

16% Not Interesting means that I actually stop replying to 16% of women who answer or write to me. This is almost always because they are absolutely not who I am looking for – and oftentimes they should know this, because I state it on my profile – or because they simply send one-line messages. Sorry, ladies, I need someone who has a few more braincells than that.

Looking at the numbers, though, it’s easy to see why I feel this dating stuff isn’t working. Yes I get 42% replies, but if I add everything together – uninteresting dummies, no-replies, and scammers – I get a 79% failure rate right off the top.

Note that my sample size is still fairly small – although I will stop listing all contacts individually, because that is actually way too tiring and pointless. And also, it means I have not managed to score even a coffee date since the Gwen debacle.