So, a day later I think my big dating experiment is actually a good idea. Yeah, I am sure there will be someone who will absolutely disagree with my approach, but… I am a geek, people. A geek. Dating is hard enough as it is without constant setbacks, and I have had plenty of those this year. So what if I found a way to motivate myself and to help get over feeling crappy? It doesn’t really change the results, after all.

Also, as a PS to my methodology: I will define the cut-off for a “no reply” as a week – this is very long, actually, but seems like a good conservative number. I also added categories for “I didn’t pursue it” and, out of necessity, “Scammer”. Sigh.

I’ve sent out more messages:

#5: Engineer on the other side of the country: I don’t really expect a reply, and I really do not want a long-distance relationship either, but the profile was interesting so I figured I might as well just send an email off and see what happens. Probably a no-go, but hey.

#6: The Professor: A very cute woman who works as a “professor”, I am assuming as in teaching at a university. This one also lives in another city, but not quite as far away – just on the border of doable for a weekend relationship, and she is interesting. The “scary” part is that this one lists herself as “looking for marriage and want kids”, which isn’t traditionally what I would be looking for. But I don’t really expect a reply, and the profile was nice, so I gave it a go. Probably a no-go as well.

#7: Girl in The East: Looked at my profile. I liked the photo. Sent her a message, she deleted it. No go.

#8: Probably a scammer. Turned out to be a scammer. No go, duh.