It’s not been the best week I had. Nothing went noticeably wrong, but I think I am actually becoming seriously depressed, and I gotta do something about that. I even found that I didn’t want to talk to my buddies whom I often Skype with, or with that one sibling I sometimes have long chats with. On one dating site, I did id about a dozen women I find interesting enough that I should write to them, but I just could not work up the motivation. On Friday evening, I pretty much lounged on my couch and watched TV until I fell asleep – highly unusual for me – and on Saturday I played video games most of the day. That’s not so unusual for me, but it’s still escapism, pure and simple.

I am not really sure how to tackle this, either. I am convinced that finding a new girlfriend is what I really need and want, but at the same time I realize I am also very much afraid that another Gwen event would crush my spirits entirely.

I guess this means I gotta let more time pass, but I do wonder if there isn’t anything else I could do. Oh well.