Okay, so, enough of that. Let’s get this show back on the road. Again. I know what I want, now let’s see if I can find her and somehow convince her not to run away immediately.

What can I say, I like a challenge.

Methodology: Dating site. ‘Nuff said. I just don’t have much of a social circle and I am not going to start hitting on ladies in the streets or subways. I’ll categorize my contacts into “No reply”, “Ended in email stage”, and “Ended in dating stage”. Starting point is the Gwen Debacle, and excludes Gwen.

#1: 23-year-old African Au Pair. She wrote me, probably with the intention of grabbing a boyfriend slash husband to get a visa so she can stay at the end of her one year as an au pair (I know the type). Can’t hold a conversation for two lines. But way too young anyway… and I am not going to take advantage of her. No go.

#2: Geeky female flight-attendant with cool attitude. I wrote her, because, seriously, what’s not to like? Unfortunately has been absent from the site for a long time, presumably because some other guy snagged her, but I figured, what the hell. Probably a No Go – but I can’t feel bad about that one.

#3: The really pretty girl. So I gave it a shot. Sue me. She deleted the mail without a reply. No go.

#4: Chinese student. I wrote her, mostly because her attitudes and interests seem to coincide well with mine. Undecided.

Let’s see how many rejections I get to collect before I finally find a new girlfriend. I’ll make a nice pie chart. Promise.