It is a dark and stormy night…

No, really, it is. The wind is driving the rain against my windows, and instead of being able to enjoy this cozy weather with Gwen, well, I am all alone. Again.

I’ve done a great amount of thinking these past days. Try as I might, I really did not find any explanation for Gwen’s behavior, so I decided that this once, perhaps, it really was not my fault. And even if it was, you don’t dump someone by sending an email. At least have the guts to call the person. Even I, a shy geek, do that.

Still, there has to be some sort of lesson in this. One is certainly “do not invest too much into someone until they are clear that they actually want you”. Well, okay. I will try, but this one seems to be easier said than done.

The other lesson is that I need to do better on fixing my life. It’s been years since I started this blog and quite frankly, when I think about it I think there has not been much change for the better. Yes, I have a different job. I live in a different city. But the basic issues remain. I’ll seriously think about getting a therapist, too, and perhaps the next time I move to a different city I won’t get into the same rut again.