By the Lords of Kobol, really, only three days left to what is likely going to be my day of doom?

Not that I am obsessing over this or anything. No way. Not I. Never.

I still get my daily emails – two yesterday, in fact. I know it means she finds me interesting to talk to. That also means she will be well disposed to me on Wednesday. Hopefully will make my job easier, but it also means I already, in a way, have something to lose.

I know, I know. “Be more optimistic, Secretgeek.” You clearly haven’t read my blog for very long if that’s your advice. Just go back into the archives and browse a bit… If I have one talent, then it’s to fail at relationships.

In other news, Amaka is coming over today. She promised to pick up the rest of her stuff. This is excellent since I really, really, REALLY do not want Gwen (or any other future girlfriend candidate) to come across Amaka’s underwear if Gwen ever visits me at my place. Of course she knows that I have had girlfriends before (in this age group anything else would be creepy), but I doubt she would want to be confronted with the evidence. Besides, how can she know that that stuff’s been sitting there for months, and wasn’t something a fuck buddy left the night before? No matter how you look at it, it’s a headache I do not need.

Oh well. What can I say? I am trying. It’s all I can do.