Bastian is one of our Windows system administrators who just managed to negotiate an 8k raise.

Yesterday, he decided to go sailing for two hours. Officially, he had to go to the doctor, and that’s what he told our boss.

He quickly returned. “Doctor wasn’t in,” he said. After the door closed and our boss was out of earshot, he explained the true reason: “No wind. I’ll try again in the afternoon.”

He left again at 2pm, citing a toothache, and did not return until 5:30pm – “I felt bad, so decided to show up again.”

He did miss a meeting with our boss in the meantime.

I’d rat him out for being an ass, except my employer and especially our team lead have been treating me like shit, so why bother?

At least he’s got chutzpah, you gotta give him that.