So, an actual date has been agreed: Labor day; May 1st. Eight days from now. In a way the wait is good – after all, I gotta go and outfit myself adequately.

I do wonder: If we start off with trespassing, where are we going to go from that? Should I have aliased her Bonnie?

I did tell a few friends about what has been happening to me. The general reaction was, “wow – that’s a cool first date” and “that’s an unusual woman!”

One of my friends suggested that she might try to stab and rob me, but that’s nonsense. There’s very little violent crime here, and I think there must be easier ways to lure victims in a trap. Besides, I’ve independently verified her existence so she’d be easy to track down.

Another asked if I was sure that the girl was not too spontaneous for me. (You see that these people know me well.) I did reply that I was obviously not happy with the way my life was going, and that the usual sort of woman I date did not really work for me. This girl had shown herself to be more interesting in a week than some girls in months, which often included sleeping with me, something Gwen obviously has not done.

A woman with character is just what Secretgeek needs.