I haven’t exchanged messages with Jenny since January. I did check on her once in the meantime  – mostly just to show interest, I did not expect a reply. Today, I asked her how her finals were going.

Much to my surprise, I got a reply.

In short, she told me that she had not gotten the results back and a few finals were scheduled for April. And that one of her grandparents had just died, so she is returning to her hometown. “I will get in touch in April,” she closed.

Now, I was very skeptical about actually getting to meet her before this. But I do not think anybody lies about family members’ deaths to get out of a date – there are so many easier alternatives. And she did reaffirm the April date, right?

My little, poor, nerdy mind is now actually thinking: “I have a chance. A very slim chance, but a chance!” Then it goes back to its usual self. “But you will screw that up for sure!”

Be that as it may, I am absolutely getting nervous about this. I like Jenny. I am convinced we’d do well together… but my inherent realistic attitude tells me that she can have her pick of “better” guys, and she should be smart enough to realize that. I try to tell myself that she is also smart enough to understand why I want to see her, and that she is okay with that because she would not otherwise have consented to meet me.

So I may actually have a very slim chance.

Now I just need to figure out how to not screw it up.