Today, I wanted to leave early. I felt like crap – to the point where three co-worker commented that I looked “unwell”. I asked my boss and he okayed that I should leave at 3pm. At 4pm I was still there, handling various urgent tasks because at 9am nobody had agreed to my suggestion for a workaround which would have taken all the urgency out of this one incident.

I was just starting to feel as if I had gotten a handle on things and might leave on time at 5pm, when the Linux engineering team lead, Gerry, called me.

“Secretgeek, I have told my engineers to keep you informed on that critical setup,” he said. “I’m leaving for the weekend now.”

It took me two seconds but then I yelled at him and slammed down the phone.

Gerry left for the weekend five minutes later, and I stayed until 6:30pm working with his engineers. I also took the time to write long and very angry complaint to my direct superior. Not that it will change anything.

Oh the real kicker? The problem we worked on was urgent because Gerry had not taken care of it for four months.