Last year, I “met” an Indian lady named Maya. “Met”, because it was purely online. She did ask to see me repeatedly when she learned I had become ill. She managed to come across as really clingy and creepy, and since her constant apologies and her ramblings would not improve, I eventually stopped talking to her.

A few weeks ago, I had a weak spot and I replied to one of her messages, so she’s back in force now.

  • She says she usually falls for a guy she can’t have, and goes crazy (my words, not hers) for a time, then it takes her “two years to get over him”. Consequently, it seems she has never dated much. She told me that she did follow one of her crushes – a married man – home once. And then she was surprised he didn’t want to go out with her.
  • She hinted very strongly that I was the latest of these crushes. She uses the phrase “I die” when she got rejected by her previous crushes, and she used the same phrase to describe her feeling when I had stopped talking to her.
  • She told me she once went out with another guy she met on the same dating site. When the guy dropped her off, he asked “did you meet any other people from that site?” – She replied, “Not met, but I am talking to this guy…” and then – according to her – talked about me for THREE HOURS. Poor guy listened to it all – had that been me in his shoes, I’d have kicked her out.
  • She has started to ask to see me, again, though less forcefully than last year.

I personally think her problem is that she needs to get laid, but I haven’t yet been so blunt to her. And I really do not intend to offer my services. It would be easy to take advantage of her, sure, but this geek don’t swing that way. Besides, I really, really, do not want her to find out where I live.

Why can’t a normal girl be into me?