Just when I was happily distracting myself from the Mathylda disaster with unrealistic dreams about Jenny, something weird happened. I was talking to our receptionist on the bus and on the train – we sometimes talk about relationship stuff; mostly she keeps me updated about her current flame. I mentioned my last girlfriend a few times. So anyway, today she told me “you look so much better than a few days ago, and you are in such a good mood – what happened over the weekend?”

So I told her about the Jenny event.

“Funny,” she said. “Until you mentioned the details, I was sure you were talking about Mathylda.”

“What do you mean,” I asked.

“Well there is a certain intimacy between the two of you, is there not?”

“Well, we used to talk a lot, but not so much recently.”

“I am pretty sure she likes you.”

“I doubt it. And I think she recently found a new boyfriend anyway.”

We talked about this a bit more; the receptionist said she did not have any actual information. “But if I hear anything,” she promised, “I will let you know.”

My secret hope, of course, is that she will actually ask Mathylda. But either way: Why the hell did this have to happen? I was just getting over one failure and setting myself up for another disappointment, and now I wonder about Mathylda all over again.

Damn you, life.