I have a feeling this is going to be one of those posts I will later use as evidence when I try to analyze my relationship failures…

Jenny is a young woman I used to work with at the job from Hell I first held when I came to the city. We met each other because she arrived at the office at the delivery entrance, which was very close to my office – so when she rang the door bell, it was almost always I who opened it. We started messaging and talking a lot, and I must admit I developed a big crush on her. Never asked her out, because I learned that she had a boyfriend – and I also do not like to dip my pen in the company ink if I can help it.

After I left that company, she and I went out once. I must’ve done something wrong, because afterwards the only thing she did was try to get me to help her with her CV.

Over the years, I tried a few times – very unsuccessfully – to get back in touch with her. Sometimes she would reply once or twice, then it was quiet again. Last year, when I was visiting Rover, she messaged me out of the blue – but then, again, after a few days, she vanished.

Now, back to the present: I did a stupid thing yesterday. Frustrated and depressed with the world I for some reason remembered Jenny. And I went ahead and messaged her on Facebook – just asking how she was doing.

Within twenty minutes, I got a two paragraph reply – more text than I would usually get out of her before she disappears again – with a fairly concise summary – doing well but super busy with finals. I think I stared at my screen quite dumbly for a few minutes – I had NOT expected this! I got up from the PC, walked to my couch to think about the best approach for my reply, and promptly fell asleep for two and a half hours.

When I woke up, I basically replied in kind. But I added: “I had, of course, an agenda when I messaged you. I wanted to see if the situation has finally changed and I can ask you out for coffee, drinks and/or food?”

Thanks to Facebook’s utter diregard for privacy and data protection, I know she replied almost exactly 2.5h after seeing the message.

“Doable after Easter. Hope you do not forget about me then.”

I may have cheered loudly and done a little dance. This gives me two months of excitement before I get shot down again…