I tried ot pay as much attention to Bob last week as I could, and I am convinced he is idling six out of eight hours. Even if we allow for times I was not around, it’s still at least 50% of his work time. He just got rid of one of his more demanding customers, too, which is now falling into Murray’s lap, so to speak. Bob was full of Schadenfreude: “Oh, finally I am rid of this stupid customer! Enjoy, Murray!”

Needless to say, Murray is not at all pleased.

Meanwhile, Bob was very busy with something else: Claiming that his company Blackberry was “constantly crashing”, he managed to convince internal IT to get him a brand new iPhone 5. It arrived on Thursday.

And Bob already has a new project. He’s now working towards obtaining a company car. “I can’t deal with my customers properly if I can’t visit them!”

I could learn a lot from Bob, I guess…