My special friend, co-worker Bob, left for lunch at 11:45 today, and returned at 13:48. He then sat down to watch YouTube videos for an hour and snack on a fruit salad.

A short while later the facility managers came along to fix something minor. They are in our office to help move furniture around as well. So Bob asked them where they would bring the Fußball table. They told him and he remarked, “oh, good, not across the yard then.”

Heaven forbid he would have to actually walk three minutes to get to his daily 30min game breaks.

But all of this is really, really tiring and it also means that Bob has to do a lot of overtime; he is in the office from 8am until 6pm, when normally he stayed from 8:30am to 5:00 pm. This confused me at first, until i realized our manager from London is in  the office and performance reviews are due next week.