You know that I really like my co-worker, Matylda. Like as in, I think she is incredibly hot and I really enjoy her company. She is pleasant to talk to, and I wish I could get to know her better.

Unfortunately, this is not a mutual sentiment. Whenever I ask her to join me for lunch, she says something like “maybe some day”. She also avoids taking the bus with me – I’ve asked her a few times, ready to adjust my own departure, but she always comes up with an excuse of one sort or another.

Okay, so the girl isn’t into me. I get that, and I can live with that – contrary to what some people may believe I am a grown-up, and I sure as hell had enough practice with coping with disappointment in my life.

What I do not get, however, is why this girl even still talks to me. For example when we walk into each other in the kitchen – instead of just saying “hi”, which you’d expect from any co-worker, she drags me into a 10min chat. And sometimes she starts chatting to me on our internal instant messenger. I do my best to simply leave her alone – and I believe that if you truly despise someone, then you don’t talk to them if you can help it, right?

I understand there’s a sort of status a male can have where the female thinks he is a decent person, just not partner-material. But then why decline lunch invitations, which are harmless enough? Most of the time, it wouldn’t even be her and I alone.

And yes, I do not think my table manners are to blame.

So what’s left? An irrational female interacting with a confused geek. There’s a TV show in that somewhere.