Last Tuesday I had an appointment with Earl, via video conference, regarding project X. This video conference, Earl said, was of the utmost importance.

However, when the conference started, he and I only talked about inviting John into the conference as well. Earl let me arrange the new meeting, because he was “too busy”.

So I invited John for Friday.

A few emails later, John told me to invite Nate and Jeff as well because their presence was “absolutely vital”. I did so, and found a new slot for this Wednesday.

Then John declined. “I do not need to be in this call,” he commented, “I just need to see results.”

Nate declined next. “I am on vacation.”

Jeff was the last to decline. “Conflicting appointment.”

End result? It’s Earl and I, only,  again, except we also lost at least one week trying to find a good time for the meeting.

And these people wonder why project X isn’t making progress.