Okay. I admit it: Even I have an evil streak.

Aya worked for one of the South Korean suppliers I worked with at my previous jobs. I still keep in touch with her years later, because she is – let’s not kid ourselves – friggin’ hot.

Today I was talking to her on MSN and in the course of the conversation I asked her about the prospects of her doing business trips to Europe this year. According to Aya the chances for that are slim to nil, but I took the opportunity to hit on her in as subtly obvious a way I could. This had an interesting result.

Secretgeek: “…and I am not sure what the Korean social conventions and protocols are about a married woman meeting an unmarried man for drinks.”

Aya: “Those are very simple – In Europe, nobody would be watching me.”

She then added: “I am just kidding.”

I’m not so sure about that – I may be bad with women but I now have her at a point where I can start joking and teasing about that sort of thing. Then, all I need is a business trip on her side and a generous supply of alcohol.

I am just kidding.