A customer experienced a 3h outage last night. Our engineers eventually resigned to simply rebooting the systems as they could not find the cause. Our boss (Let’s call him Richard) told us about this in the morning – after he got to work at about 11:00am.

“The customer wants an explanation. Go and explain it to him.”

I asked Dick what had actually happened.

“We don’t know,” Dick replied. “We rebooted the systems eventually. Go talk to Will to find out. He doesn’t know yet, either.”

What now?

So okay. I sent Will an email. “Any new insights into this?”

Will: “Nope. Sorry.”

Secretgeek: “Who can look into it?”

Will: “Someone with time. That excludes your networking team.”

What Will was getting at was the fact that our networking team consists of three persons. One is on vacation, the other gave up a year ago and is doing minimum required work. That leaves WIll, and he’s got all hands full  as we could easily keep four or five guys busy.

“That’s what I was afraid of.” I thanked Will and went to my boss.

Secretgeek: “We need someone to investigate it.”

Dick: “Are we responsible or another department? Can we push this away?”

Secretgeek: “We are.”

Dick: “Well talk to Will.”

Secretgeek: “I did. He has no time.”

Dick: “Talk to Harry, ask him who can do this.”

Secretgeek: “You do realize I am escalating this to you because it’s a resource issue?”

Dick (angry): “Well what am I supposed to do? I have nobody to fix this issue!”

Secretgeek: “Yes I know but you won’t solve it by bouncing stuff back down a level.”

Dick: “Just go and talk to Harry!”

Secretgeek: “He will shrug his shoulders and point at the empty room. You need to take care of this yourself – and if we have no resources, escalate it up another level! I’ll call the customer now and tell him we will work on it but that it could be a while.”

So I left his office and called the customer.

A minute later I get an email, to Harry, cc Secretgeek. It’s from Dick.

Dick: “Harry, please talk to Secretgeek about last night’s customer issue.”

At this point I decided that I need to resign, new job or not. Next opportunity is at the end of August, so that gives me four weeks or so to find a new job.

The issue at hand? Oh, yeah, Dick and Harry finally talked without Secretgeek the messenger boy.

We will probably pretend to look into the problem and fail to come up with an explanation. And that way, we will avoid hiring the network engineers we so desperately need.

I love my life.