Matylda has reconciled with her boyfriend (damn – I mean, good for her…). Bahati’s Mixed Messages led to some long video chats (the clothed kind, you perverts). I almost had the impression she was making up the wedding story so as to get me to commit to something. But only almost.

Anya has emailed me over the weekend. Another invitation to visit her. Unfortunately she is married and has a child by now (did I ever mention it?) – so the chances of getting together with her are… zero. Do I really want to go and visit her and just frustrate myself that I missed my chance?

Katherine – and I hope I am keeping the aliases straight here – also sent me an email. She, too, has a child now. But couldn’t we please be friends again? If I was any more cynical than I am already I would think she is trying to find someone to support her financially but I am sure I am not that cynical.

Or am I?