I recently broke up with Amaka, my girlfriend for much of the past 12 months or so. It was an OK break up, no drama or anything, but as usually it took me a little while to start looking for a new girlfriend.

About a month ago, Jenny, a co-worker who would always flirt with me when we worked together, sent me a message after a years-long silence between us. I really liked Jenny, so I tried to talk to her, but after our initial conversation consisting of a few lines, she mostly kept quiet. Most days I can’t even get a reply to “Hi”. What’s up with that?

At about the same time I “met” Maya, an Indian lady who studies in a city very close to where I live. She is nice enough, but over the course of our conversations it turns out she’s about as sharp as a weathered rock. She asks questions to which the answers are painfully obvious, or asks things I told her even only a few minutes before, and so on. More-over, she is also pushy and creepy and very insecure. If she sends me a message on MSN, and I do not reply within a few minutes, she starts to apologize for “insulting” me. She does that even when she knows I am at work – and work, of course, always comes first over replying to private messages.

Last week, Amaka suddenly contacted me again. She apologized for something I thought she handled badly, and seems to be making an effort to win me back. This includes coming over as a surprise one evening and making me dinner when I wasn’t feeling well. Was actually very sweet of her.

And because my timing is always bad, it seems that the one girl at work whom I fancy, Matylda, has been having issues with her boyfriend. Matylda is exactly my type, reminds me of someone I still regret not hooking up with ten years after I missed my chance, and is charming, witty, and adventurous. Oh, and pretty, though I am guessing that’s in the eye of the beholder.

Why… I mean, really. Why the hell does all of this happen at once? And why is it all wrong? The woman I really do not want, Maya, is all over me, while the women I would want – Jenny or Matylda – are untouchable to me.

It seems that I am still knee-deep in bad Karma.