I saw a UFO last week.

It’s of course not as dramatic as it sounds at first. People immediately equate UFO with flying saucer, alien spaceships, and that sort of thing. Only sometimes are they reminded that the abbreviation stands for nothing more than Unidentified Flying Object.

I was standing at the bus stop near the office, when two specs of light rose in the East and climbed slowly into the night sky, absolutely silently. They looked bluish-white to me, but then I have bad eyes, what do I know.

Several other people at the bus stop saw them too, and everybody began to wonder what they were.

It took those lights some time to approach our position, and then we heard the engine noise. As they flew past us, we could clearly and distinctly see that they were two helicopters flying next to each other.

This was the first time, except for planes on the horizon, that I saw man-made objects in the sky that made no sound. It’s quite interesting, because I always wondered how people – no matter how weak-minded – could mistake a loud helicopter for a flying saucer. Now I know.

It still doesn’t explain how people could mistake he full moon for an alien spaceship.