In mid-November we sold a customer a massive RAM Upgrade for his servers because we told them it was absolutely necessary if they wanted to survive their Christmas business. They didn’t share this estimation but agreed to err on the side of caution.

As a minor Christmas miracle we managed to order – and the manufacturer to deliver – by mid December.

Now it turned out though that the Ram was never plugged in. The servers survived Christmas just fine. And we still cannot plug the RAM in: Turns out the guy who was supposed to do it only brought the RAM to our satellite datacenter – and left it sitting in the rack, on top of the server.

Took us a week to figure this out. The only other guy involved was a manager three levels up. He Okayed the delay in the setup and neither talked to anybody until we began to interrogate random people.

The customer had already cancelled their contract anyway, because of bad service.

Nothing like screwing someond over on their way out.