Sometimes I wish I could post photos here, but I guess in this case it’d also be quite hard to ask people if I can photograph them.

That successful new economy company I wrote about has a lot of interesting employees. Interesting, in this case, means female and cute.

But there are also employees who are notable because of something else. Piercings.

Now, I do not really mind them. Earrings are fine, or a small piercing in the nose, lip, or whatever.

What I do think retarded though are tongue piercings. Retarded because they are really unneeded and they look dumb. Until recently I thought this was the dumbest piercing anybody (except those extreme body modification fools) would do.

Not so.

There’s one girl who has dark red piercings along the corner of her mouth. Looks like an extreme rash of Herpes. I really felt like actually telling her so, but of course there’s no use.

There’s a guy who has nose piercings. Inside his nose. I know because there’s metal wired sticking down from out his nose, about 1.5cm, ending in metal balls. It looks like he’s dripping robotic snot.

Total fail.