Managed to cut the delay on the five-week-overdue project to three weeks.

Firewall guy left for vcation though. So now we have a half dozen new firewalls on our hands, that have not been documented. Yes, not even their passwords.


– – –

Almost got in a brawl today. Drunken dude on the subway thought it funny to hug and touch people. He also attempted to bash in the door windows with his fist. When he put his hand on my knee, I gave him three seconds warning. Unfortunately he backed down. But he did go to the other side of the train. Did any of the other harrassees, all of them just trying to ignore the guy, thank me? Meh. Next time, I’ll use the “go to those guys instead” tactic.

– – –

My new team lead and the only other colleague in my team don’t get along too well. It’s nice not being the picked-on-person for a change, but why can’t everybody just mellow out for a change? All I want to do is do my job and get home with a minimum of hassle.

Of course, it doesn’t help when my co-worker commits my team lead as a project manager without consent. Meh, again.

– – –

I work close to the local HQ of one of the few really successful new economy companies. In their canteen I saw a young woman who actually made me trail off in the middle of my sentence while talking to my team lead. That surely hasn’t happened in a long time. Too bad I am such a coward and there were about three hundred people in the room.

– – –

We have a new contractor working for us. When he signed up, he made a big deal out of how he specifically wanted to work for us. He resigned two days after starting.

“Nothing personal,” he said. “I just got a much better offer.”

The consulting company who referred him to us dropped him immediately after they heard about it. Personally I think the guy was just scared of the chaos in our office.

– – –

One of our network guys kept holding his left side, and whincing as he moved.

“What’s up,” I asked. “Everything okay?”

“Yeah I will be fine. I call this the secretgeek project pains. Comes from you kicking us into gear so badly.”

– – –

Our corridor’s employees, about ten tech geeks, five sales, and five managers, can go through three kilograms of gummi bears a day.

I am benchmarking them.

– – –

I touched an iPad today. They’re like hot chicks. I want one. I don’t want to pay for the privilege though.

– – –

Our secretary makes a point out of how old she is. Presumably so that people tell her that she is not old and looks great. Well, she is overall quite nice and fairly funny, so nobody minds. She doesn’t look too bad for the age anyway. She is definitely spunky. I guess that’s the right word.

An example:

Secretary: “When you are as old as I am, you went through all the phases. Family? Been there, done that. Now I just live for myself. Next year, I will have that special anniversary. Fifty. And you know what I’ll do?”

Secretgeek: “No clue. What will you do?”

Secretary: “Have all the fun I can! I’ll take some time off, and I’ll celebrate it in the Caribbean.”

Secretgeek: “Not bad. Always wanted to go there, never had a chance. Maybe some day.”

Secretary: “You get six weeks of vacations a year, you can always come along.”

Secretgeek: “I know you jest, but I think I shall return to my desk before this conversation spawns a dozen rumors.”

Secretary (laughs): “Chicken.”