Some days I have the feeling that someone is messing with my life on purpose. I couldn’t make this up if I wanted to.

One of the reasons why I broke up with Wilma was that I felt I could not trust her as far as I could throw her. Some years later, she is married and has a child, maybe 18 months old or so. Her husband is a bit of a moron really, someone who has a boring job and can’t keep the family’s money together. So today Wilma approached me with a proposal.

“I am really fed up of my husband,” she wrote. “Of course I will stay with him. For the kid, you know. But I’ll want something on the side. Something regular, safe, long term, and as naughty as we can make it.”

“Sure, whatever, it’s your decision. But you probably shouldn’t mention this to some random guy like me.”

“You will be the person I have this affair with, will you not?”

I shan’t get mixed up in that. But, hey, I guess it’s a compliment of sorts.