We have an external contractor at work. He’s been with us longer than I have – about two months. Last week I saw a ticket assigned to him that had no work logged. It was a fairly urgent ticket – nothing critical, but a resource issue on a server that could quickly became critical. Being the proactive geek that I am, I contacted him and got him to check out the problem. A ten minute job. I asked him to please update the ticket with his findings.

Yesterday the ticket was still open. Without any work logged. I asked the team leader to please have the guy take care of the ticket: Log the work, resolve it, and send it off on its way to Ticket nirvana. No such luck: The ticket is still there, unchanged.

Took me a bit of prodding to figure out why. After two months, the guy still didn’t know how to update a ticket, let alone resolve it or log his work hours.

As a consequence the guy had not logged any of his hours for the two months. The team lead almost had a heart attack when I told him.