I haven’t posted one of these in a while…

So the weirdest thing happened some time ago, and I think I never posted about it. Yunru called me. She now lives in the USA and is married, but wanted to “stay in touch” and “remain friends”. Why, I asked her. “Because I know so many people over there.” Well, wrong answer. I told her off, and I did so in such clear terms I had hardly imagined me ever using when talking to a woman. It did give me a good deal of closure on that issue, however.

Wilma is also back. After she married a guy who hits her and had a child, it now turns out her husband is a worthless bum who managed to overload himself with debts. Gee, what a surprise! They split up not even 18 months after getting married. She said she gave him an ultimatum to sort out his problems. Her confidence in his ability to do so is probably best illustrated by mentioning that she then spend twenty minutes telling me how much she would like an affair with “some nice guy”. I didn’t bite.

Katherine is my new and current girlfriend. I know I said I had given up on dating, and I did, for the longest time. Then I met this girl who is quite a bit younger than I am. No idea how long this is going to work out, but so far it seems to be fairly solid. She’s inexperienced but has a lot of energy; I am old and tired but can supply the know how, so to speak. I expect her to move on, eventually, and am trying to not position myself for too much hurt when she does.