The Vision has been defined. I’ve seen the pictures, and our new office is a warehouse.

I mean this literally. It has no lamps on the ceiling, the floor looks like it is 40 years old. There are almost no walls or separate rooms in the office space. There is no LAN. No power, except in the entrance area. No room to house our servers. No air conditioning. And the main room of 500 square meters is supposed to be an office for 100 persons in the long run. For me, the new location is an extra 1h of commute, each way. It’s also on the border of the city’s riot district.

The CEO gave the electrician my email address. I told the guy that I’d like 4 power sockets and 2x RJ45 at each workplace, and a space for the server that doesn’t go over 27°C in temperature.

I got a direct reply from the CEO. “Too expensive,” he says. “Surely we don’t need to cool our LAN cables?”

“Not our cables, but those servers can’t stand the heat in the summer.”

“We’ll put them by the window and air them when it gets too warm. And what is this with all those power sockets and network sockets?”

“Chaining extension cords is an unacceptable fire hazard. 4 sockets is nice to have, but 2 per desk should be minimum.”

“You may order 1 power socket per desk.”

I decide not to argue my case. I am, at this point, way beyond that, and have entered “let it hit the wall if they really want that to happen” land.

“Okay,” I agree. “One power socket and two network sockets.”

“No, just the power socket. We can all just work via WLAN. Cables are too expensive.”

I’m now inquiring about the actual cost of cabling. Maybe if I show him the prices and compare them to professional APs + WLAN cards, he’ll reconsider.

I almost hope he’ll deny it and orders me to buy a few cheap 20 Euro Linksys access points. I am so not cleaning up that mess.