A few weeks ago I met a 22-years-old Au Pair girl from Kenya. Kind of cute, really. Anyway, she being so young, I was very careful not to be pushy or anything, and she promptly moved to Vienna before I could really ask her out on a date.

Since then she’s stayed in touch via MSN. Two days ago, she was beating about the bush and made some hints but didn’t quite want to say what was on her mind. Eventually she spat it out: She’s been thinking a lot about me lately and could we please meet sometime?

Since I do like her I told her, yes, I’d love to. Of course, she hasn’t signed on at all yesterday. It’s as if women extended Pavlov’s experiments indefinitely and turned them on men. They do that on purpose, don’t they?

Anyway the good news is, with just a little bit of luck the new job, followed by a new apartment, might be followed by a new girlfriend – and that is just what Secretgeek needs. I’ll probably meet her sometime in January.