So I’ve had (almost) a week in my new job. It’s been an eventful one.

  • A (female) intern started on the same day as I did. She’s simply adorable. Pretty, cute, witty, cheerful, and (unfortunately) totally my type as well. She’s also about 12 years younger than I. If that were not enough, I think my manager may be into her, no pun intended.
  • Missed my own introduction at the first Friday’s company meeting due to the fact I had not been told about the meeting – and thus scheduled to look at apartments.
  • One of my co-workers is jealous because I have to work a lot with his life-partner. Never mind that I am totally absolutely not into guys! It seems the two guys had problems in their relationship before. Now the other dude is talking very badly about me behind my back. Great!

Could you think of a better start into a new job?