This is from November last year, and a perfect entry into our continued series on Random Acts of Evil. It looks like a child was murdered by a kick in the head. The real kicker, however, is that she was also put into a dryer. Let’s quote the newspaper…

Two men were found guilty on Tuesday of murdering little Nia Glassie and her mother was found guilty of manslaughter, with other defendants being found guilty of lesser crimes.

The month-long trial had heard how the child had been put in a clothes dryer, which was then turned on, while adults stood around laughing.

There were other times when the tiny Maori girl was tied to a clothes line and spun around while on other occasions she was subjected to painful wrestling moves that were carried out on her.

But the final fatal blow was a brutal kick to the head, which led to her dying in hospital.

Even then, she had not been taken immediately to hospital – she lapsed into a coma 36 hours after the blow which resulted in medical attention finally being sought.

I mean… how do these people even come to think that kicking a child, or putting it in a dryer, could possibly, in some way, be a good idea? The mind boggles.

And I apologize for the bad pun in the beginning. Hey, it’s a series of posts about evil, what do you expect of me?