Jim: “…and them I am gonna go out with my buddy, and we’re gonna pick up some chicks. Some pretty ones and some ugly ones, ya know?”

SG: “Why the hell would you want to pick up the ugly ones?”

Jim: “Because sometimes the pretty ones say ‘no’, but the ugly ones will be happy to say yes.”

SG: “I understand why they would want that, but why would you? I mean, that sounds like a waste of time.”

Jim: “Oh, any harbor in a storm.”

SG: “I guess you and I differ in our style then.”

Jim: “Ugly women need love too. I once met this really beautiful girl, went home with her, and when I was sober in the morning… well, she wasn’t so pretty anymore. Every guy’s got some chicks in his past that he’d rather not have his buddies know about.”

SG: “I don’t. I have a certain lower limit. They don’t have to be supermodels, but why waste your time with a skank?”

Jim: (looks at SG as if to say, “you? yeah, right.”)

SG: “Let me show you the type I go for.” (gets out photo of ex girlfriend) “My ex.”

Jim: “That’s just a random chick.”

SG (gets out photo of ex girlfriend and himself.)

Jim: “You must be good with photoshop.”

SG (gets out photo of ex girlfriend and himself in hometown.)

Jim: “Very good with photosh- That’s downtown?”

SG: “Yes.”

Jim: (stares for a moment) “Damn, no shit dude. – Ex, you said?”

SG: “No I will not give you her number.”

I’ve not had a great number of girlfriends / women I slept with / whatever in my life, but I can honestly say that they were all beautiful. And most of them were smart, educated, and sophisticated. Most of them. I am certainly not ashamed of any of them, and regret nothing I have done, only some of the things I haven’t.