I walk into the office in the morning. Clara and a random male co-worker are chatting.

Clara: Good morning Secretgeek.

SG: Hi, good morning.

Lynn comes into the room.

Lynn: Good morning!

SG: Good morning Lynnie!

Clara (raises eyebrows, looks at Lynn): Mh? “Lynnie”?

Lynn: Oh, that’s what my family calls me and I mentioned it to Secretgeek.

SG: That’s right, and naturally I’ll totally take advantage of this kind of information.

Lynn: That’s okay as long as nobody makes jokes about it or recites those stupid children’s rhymes.

Random male coworker begins to make up – very bad – rhymes on “Lynnie”.

Lynn (glares at me): Yes, exactly like that.

SG: See I would never do that to you, I am a nice guy.

Lynn: But you started it!

SG: Well, then I shall be happy that you won’t beat up co-workers.

Clara: Are you really sure about that?

Lynn nods slowly while looking at me.

SG (looking at Clara and the random co-worker then back to Lynn): Well. At least not in front of witnesses, then?

Lynn: Secretgeek, whom do you think these two would support with their testimony?

SG: I think I better get some of my work done now.