Today Lynn detached the ceiling-mounted projector.

Lynn: “Hey, I thought I’d dance on the table after all.”

She did not dance, but went to work on the projector, stretching a little because it was just barely within her reach.

Sean: “Hey, look at Jim, he’s gonna drool.”

Jim: “No, I am just watching what’s going on.”

Lynn: “Understandably so, as he has a good view of my ass.”

Jim: “Damned right.”

Sean: “And Secretgeek doesn’t, isn’t the world unfair?”

I had a good view of Lynn’s front side.

Me: “Hey, you won’t get me caught in that trap, no matter what I reply, it can’t end well.”

Jim: “Secretgeek’s a smart guy.”

Lynn finished removing the projector and climbed down from the table.

Lynn: “So, where’s my applause?”

We applauded. Lynn curtsied, left the office and closed the door behind her.

Jim: “Well that was nice.”

The door opened again, and Lynn poked her head in.

Lynn: “And you know, the special treat is Christmas, that’s when I drop the pants, too.”

I started laughing really hard.

Jim: “Wha- really?”

Sean: “Whoa!”

Lynn (smiling broadly): “No, I just wanted to see your stupid faces.”

She left again. I think I laughed for another five minutes.

An hour later I came across her in the corridor.

Me: “Is it Christmas yet?”

Lynn (smiling): “No. Not yet.”