Lynn came into our meeting room to fix a ceiling mounted projector on Monday. To do this, she climbed on the table I sat at. I looked up at her.

Me: “You know, if you also do table dances, I have some left over dollar bills at home I could bring some day.”

Lynn: “Mh. I had no idea I could earn some extra money doing this.”

She climbed down the table.

Boss: “Thank you for fixing that thing, Lynn.”

Lynn: “No problem, just refer to me as ‘the goddess’ from now on.”

Today she walked past my office with some guy in tow who wanted her to give him some office supplies. On her way back I caught her eye.

Me: “You know, if you have some time, I did bring my dollar bills today.”

Lynn: “Alright!”

She was almost in the process of climbing on my desk when I stopped her. I really, really do not need to get into any trouble right now… but I should not have chickened out. I actually even had some dollar bills in my wallet.



I know.

I suck.